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Why an oval dining table is the perfect fit for your home

Besides the traditional rectangular dining table, oval dining tables are one of the most popular styles. With smooth edges and a perfected finished look, their design and style make them a great choice for families and couples looking to enhance the look of their dining room, whilst still maintaining a comfortable and accommodating dining experience.

Give The Illusion Of More Space

While some people struggle to find the space to place a rectangular or square shaped dining table, due to their sharp corners. An oval dining table can be easily adapted to a number of spaces, no matter their size. What’s even better is that, while the oval table design may look smaller in comparison to other designs, it does in fact provide the same amount of seating, if not more. Providing you with a feeling of having more space around your table, whilst still comfortably being able to seat from 4 up to 10 (depending on size) guests comfortably at a time.

The Perfect Dining Experience For You And Your Guests

Although the corners are smooth, guests can still comfortably sit and enjoy a meal without feeling squashed or like they are sitting too closely to their dining companions. Making an oval shape ideal for those who regularly host or have a large family. The perfect table designs for sharing mealtimes and get-togethers in a social and enjoyable environment.

Make A Modern Design Statement

Arguably, oval dining tables are some of the most modern and stylish of the shapes you can choose from. A modern option that has become incredibly popular over the last few years, with many homeowners choosing to ditch the traditional styles for a clean, sleek and modern look. And with this shape you can experiment with new ways to dress your table. With different shapes, textures and materials, your oval dining table can become the statement piece of your dining area.

Handcrafted Oval Dining Tables

At Crafty Creations all our oval dining tables have been handcrafted with the very best quality materials to bring you stylish designs that last. With options available to select from our range of designs, your wood colour and your specific size requirements, an oval dining table made with love from the Crafty Creations team is sure to complete the look and feel of your dining room.

With designs including The Hale, The Spinningfields, The Monton, and many more, each of our oval dining tables adds a unique touch to your dining experience. Perfectly complimenting your home interiors and elevating your space. To see the types of wood you can choose from, simply order a sample from our website. And for any more information about our oval dining tables or our other bespoke pieces of furniture, get in touch with the team.


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