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5 benefits of a round dining table

At Crafty Creations we’re passionate about delivering furniture that helps to elevate a space. Whether this is in a practical way or to improve the aesthetics of a room. Our carefully crafted round dining tables are no exception. Available in a range of wood colours and designs, we offer families the chance to add something special to their dining area. A piece of furniture that has not only been made with care but with thought for a variety of interior styles and dining requirements. Below we have listed some of the reasons why we love round dining tables but also the many benefits they come with:

1. The Most Social Style Of Dining Table

A round dining table is ideal for hosting family gatherings and get-togethers with friends. Thanks to their circular design each person seated at the table is able to engage with everyone. Creating an intimate and communal dining experience that removes the need for multiple conversations at once or missing out on discussions. Diners can share eye contact and allow a smooth conversation flow.

2. No Sharp Corners - Safe For Young Children

Toddler-proofing your house means making sure that every sharp corner or edge is sealed or removed to control the risk of children harming themselves. A round table removes any concern. With no sharp corners, they are a popular option for families with young children. And, you can quite easily put a high chair against a round table and include even your youngest family members in your social mealtimes.

3. The perfect size for small dining areas

Smaller round dining tables are ideal for dining areas, kitchens or dining rooms where you have limited space. Without the sharp corners of a typical dining table, a round table can be placed in smaller spaces without having to be pressed against the wall. They also fit perfectly well into open-plan living and dining areas, where you can create a less formal dining area, in which people have plenty of space to manoeuvre around the table.

4. Pedestal bases

Due to their design, round dining tables will often feature a pedestal base rather than table legs. This makes sitting multiple guests at the table even more comfortable, since no one will be seated between a table leg or pressed against a corner. Plus, the chairs will have more room to slide under the table top, so you have more floor room for when the table is not in use.

5. Mix & match seating arrangements

Thanks to the versatility and flexibility of the shape of a round dining table, you have the ability to mix and match your seating arrangements. Opting for 2,3 4, and up to 10 (depending on size) chairs, depending on your particular dining requirements at any given time. If you’re using your dining table for more than just a dining area, this is perfect and allows you to add a chair or take one away without substituting style.

To find a round dining table that compliments your space and enhances the look and feel of your dining area, shop the Crafty Creations range or get in touch with us for more details.


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