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Crafted from the finest quality real wood, our exquisite handmade furniture is meticulously constructed using only the most genuine and durable solid wood materials.


We are very passionate about our furniture and the wood is a highly important part.

We have tried and tested many species and now offer 3 different wood types, all FSC approved, with 4 different timber options available to suit all styles, homes and budgets.


Each piece of timber goes through a loving handcrafted process to bring the wood to life.

The process begins by selecting rough sawn lengths of timber which are then planed to the correct thickness and joined before the sanding process.


To finish the wood is hand sprayed in our in house spray booth with top quality products to achieve the desired finish.

The wood is then sealed with minimum 2 coats of highly durable clear lacquer to add extra protection for everyday use whilst still capturing the natural characteristics of the wood.


Full aftercare advice will be sent with all orders. 

Timber options:

Pine- Solid softwood containing knots. Sustainable choice and budget friendly.

Textured - This finish brings out the grain of the pine more, it's slightly raised to add more character and makes it more hard wearing. (Based on the traditional Japanese method Shou Sugi Ban)

Ash - Solid hardwood, highly durable with unique grain patterns and naturally light in colour.

Oak - Solid hardwood, highly durable with a tighter and more subtle grain pattern.

Solid textured wood dining tables.
Solid pine wood dining tables.
Solid ash dining tables.
Solid oak dining tables
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