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Family run furniture business in Manchester

Welcome to Crafty Creations MCR, your premier destination for exquisite bespoke furniture creations, specialising in bespoke dining tables, right here in Manchester.


Every bespoke creation is born out of passion and crafted by hand.


We take pride in producing a wide range of customisable furniture from dining tables to functional shelving units, designed to bring a unique quality to your home or business.​

Our commitment to customisation means that you have the freedom to choose from a variety of solid wood options, including solid ash and oak renowned for their quality and durability.


Moreover, you can personalise the size, shape, colour, and design of our products to perfectly fit your space and aesthetic vision. We believe that customisation is the key to creating truly one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect your individual style and needs.


In 2018, our journey commenced, initially as a part-time hobby, which later evolved into a full-time business venture in 2020.​

As fate would have it, we were faced with the challenges of lockdown and the unfortunate event of redundancy from an engineering career. However, amidst these trying circumstances, we saw a silver lining and recognised it as the perfect opportunity to dedicate ourselves to our business.


To turn our dream into a reality, we set up a small workshop in our garden shed. The space contained a few tools, a M.I.G welder, raw materials, and an intense desire to create something extraordinary. Countless hours were spent honing our skills, experimenting with different designs, and perfecting our techniques. Our passion and dedication quickly caught the attention of friends and family who appreciated the artistry and uniqueness of our furniture pieces.​​ Word of mouth soon spread, and orders began pouring in.


Our business grew rapidly, prompting us to expand our operations. We rented our first workshop on the outskirts of Manchester and hired our first employee who shared our vision for creating handcrafted furniture. As our business flourished, we started receiving requests from customers beyond our city.


We decided to launch our website in late 2020, showcasing our stunning furniture pieces to a wider audience. With the help of social media and our growing online presence, we soon found ourselves shipping our handcrafted furniture to customers all around the UK.

In early 2021 our family grew with the arrival of our son. Alongside our growing household, we recognised the need to expand our Crafty family and welcomed on board more team members. By the end of the year, the time had come to move to a larger premises to accommodate the rising demand.


Despite our growth, we never compromised on our commitment to sustainable practices. We source our materials from local suppliers who share our values, prioritising sustainable timber. Our sawdust and wood shavings are recycled into animal bedding, which we provide to a nearby farmer. This not only reduced our ecological footprint but also supports local businesses.

Our handcrafted furniture business not only brings beauty into people's homes, restaurants and workspaces but also inspires others to appreciate the artistry and value of handcrafted creations.

Our journey is a testament to the power of passion, craftsmanship, and the belief that a small idea can grow into something remarkable.

It’s not been an easy ride to say the least, there’s been many obstacles along the way but were extremely proud of our growing business and the outstanding team that are on this journey with us.

Behind the scenes at Crafty Creations MCR we have an incredibly hardworking, dedicated, and passionate team.


Every member takes great pride in their work as it goes through each step of the process in our workshop.

From raw materials to finished product the attention to detail is second to none in all work areas ensuring each lovingly handmade piece is of the highest quality.


Each team member is greatly important and appreciated, we're extremely proud of Team Crafty's achievements so far.

meet the team


Co Founder & Director


Workshop Coordinator


Co Founder & Director


Fabricator & Welder


Paint Technician


Wood Worker

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