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Dining Tables Perfect For Small Spaces, Kitchens And Dining Rooms

Whether it’s a small dining room or space in your kitchen, small spaces should be no problem for creating an independent dining area for you and your family. Whether you like to host dinner parties for friends or enjoy the daily dinner times with loved ones, no matter the space available to you, these dining tables are ideal for small spaces, kitchens and dining rooms.

Round Dining Tables

Thanks to their smooth edges and options of sizes, round dining tables are not only stylish but are also incredibly practical in tight spaces. They are particularly popular for kitchen/diners, where the dining area is not independent from the cooking area. Placed in a more central position, round dining tables will not seem to take up much space, but are still capable of seating plenty of guests comfortably. A small round dining table is usually the preference in apartments and smaller homes where the kitchen and living area are combined.

What’s more, if you are seeking a stylish and contemporary style of dining table, round dining tables are considered to be the best for creating visual harmony in a space. Perfectly placed under a lighting fixture or on top of a rug, there are many ways to dress a round table, even in a smaller space.

Long & Rectangular Dining Tables

Dining tables that are longer than they are wider are suitable for small, narrow dining rooms. Capable of being pushed against a wall, the rectangular dining table can be moved to accommodate several numbers of guests and a bench can also be used to extend the seating accommodation without creating an arrangement that is too cramped or crowded.

At Crafty Creations MCR we design and create bespoke dining tables, as well as benches, made of the finest locally sourced materials, our rectangular tables are the perfect choice for your narrow space.

Oval Dining Tables

Combining the Feng Shui of a round dining table with the length of a rectangular dining table, an oval dining table is our final pick for a small space. Absent of excessive width, an oval dining table can fit comfortably in small rooms whilst helping to elevate the appearance of the space with a modern and stylish design. Our Crafty Creations oval dining tables are a popular option and are available in a wide range of designs, from classic to contemporary, in your choice of material and colour.

With the addition of your choice of matching dining chairs, seat your friends, family and guests comfortably no matter the size or shape of your dining space.

For more information about our bespoke dining tables, seating, and sets, get in touch with our team or browse our collections today.


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