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Introducing our Extendable Elegant Oval Dining Table, a feast for the eyes and the soul of your dining space! Picture this, sleek lines, a touch of minimalism, and that unmistakable hint of Scandi charm. This isn't your average table, it's a style icon, a vibe, a work of art fusing design and craftsmanship seamlessly.


Crafted right here in Manchester, this beauty is more than just a dining table, it's a conversation starter. The oval design adds a touch of elegance, making family dinners and gatherings effortlessly stylish. It's not just about meals, it's about creating memories around a piece of art.


The tabletop, crafted from solid wood, rests elegantly on top of 2 Scandi-style ribbed pillar bases, adding that touch of Nordic sophistication to your dining space. But we don't stop at looks, we're all about quality that stands tall.


Every table is treated like royalty in our spray booth. We coat it with a premium stain and a hard-wearing protective lacquer, ensuring that your dining experience is not only stylish but durable too.


Now, let's talk options. 

Size - Choose your table length before its extended, extendable leaf is 40cm. Standard width is 85cm and height is 75cm.

When it comes to timber, we've got choices as diverse as your taste:


Pine: Crafted from sustainable solid pine wood with a smooth finish.

Textured: Elevate the grain with a slightly raised finish, inspired by the traditional Japanese method, Shou Sugi Ban.

Ash: Embrace the beauty of American white ash hardwood.

Oak: Dive into the richness of European oak hardwood.


Each table is handmade to order allowing easy customisations. If these options don't quite hit the mark for your unique taste, fret not! Your dream dining table is just a request away. Bespoke designs, sizes, colours, and finishes are all on the table, and the best part? It's affordable luxury.


Need more info? Contact us. We're here to turn your dining dreams into reality.


And because we believe in transparency:

All our wood is kiln-dried – no compromises on quality.

Natural timber might show a few quirks – slight splits and imperfections are part of the charm.

Wood, like all of us, reacts to the environment – slight adjustments might happen with seasons and temperatures.

We can't control nature, so colors might have a hint of spontaneity.

Size matters, so we're accurate to within 2cm.


Elevate your dining game with our Extendable Elegance Oval Dining Table, where style, substance, and customisation meet in a perfect symphony. Your dining space just found its soulmate.

The Spinningfields. Extendable Oval Double Ribbed Pillar Dining Table

Wood Colour
  • This product is handmade to order and will be dispatched in 4-6 weeks.

need help? call us on 0161 706 2046 or drop us a message on WhatsApp 07840 355369

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