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Record Storage Solution

Does anybody else struggle with record storage? Where to store, not quite the right size or just does not look the part. Maybe you keep your collection stored in boxes, overloaded on shelves, some even being framed on the walls out of use. We came up with this unique design to store away your vinyl’s, it is also the perfect home for speakers, whilst displaying the turntable and has space for any accessories. With the gap in the market we took it up ourselves to create this record storage unit. Perfect sizes for storing away your vinyl’s, easy access to popping them on that turntable that sits proudly on top. Stored alphabetically, front to back and left to right in the 38cm drawers, leaving enough space to sift through to find your record of choice. The sound bar fits snug on the shelf and even has extra space for storage behind it.

This comes in two sizes, 2 drawers or 3 drawers available.

The Whitworth takes its name from the street where the iconic hacienda nightclub was located during the city’s musical heyday.

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