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Colour Match

We cannot always promise an exact colour match. Without seeing a colour in person or having a sample it is very difficult to get an exact match. We do try our best though! We can do bespoke colours on request, please contact us to discuss. We have had many requests to match the customers current furniture or flooring or just a desired colour. Both wood and steel come in all colours, finishes and shades. One particular request we had was to match grey wash benches to an upcycled table with silver steel. All we had to go by was pictures. This one took a few attempts, we knew the desired finish and didn’t stop until we reached this. After a few coats, mixing natural oak, white, grey and oil the benches were the perfect colour match. A very happy customer..

Another example are these benches which we were asked to colour match the existing garden table pictured. These are a completely different colour than we had ever done before, again all we had to go off were photographs. To get the desired look we burnt the wood using a blow torch, then wire brushed it all over and finally finishing with a dark stain and oil. It matched perfectly!

As wood has many natural characteristics it is sometimes difficult to get an exact match but we always try our best.

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