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Working from home

With many of us crouched over a makeshift table, crammed into the dining table or some even working from bed, the time has come to invest in new equipment for the home office.

Unsurprisingly we were contacted in regards to a desk! Our customer was currently working on her daughters old bedroom drawers, doesn't sound comfy does it? She was looking for a large desk to fill the wall space. She sent us over measurements and a rough idea of what kind of style she liked. With this being a large desk we knew it would be easier for the customer if the desk could be delivered in flat pack form and easily assembled in the desired room she now calls her home office. To do this we made the frame up of several different components which could be simply and discreetly bolted together. For this particular desk we used box section steel and solid pine in a natural finish. Both the customer and ourselves are very happy with the finished product.

This is now listed on our website and can be customised to meet your requirements.


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