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Unlock More Space In Your Home With An Extendable Dining Table

Modern homes, unfortunately, can be rather tight on space, and this means that it is essential to

find furniture that saves space whilst still maximising its functionality. The humble extending

dining table is the perfect example of a piece of furniture that achieves this, and does it very


This type of dining table offers a number of benefits to homeowners, from the high quality of

workmanship that goes into making them to their space-saving design. Let’s take a look at the

concept of the extending dining table and also the benefits they can offer you.

What Is An Extending Dining Table?

An extending dining table is, much as the name suggests, one that can be adjusted in size

according to the needs of the householder. Each table has a minimum and maximum size that it

can be. Typically this type of table has a hidden mechanism that makes it possible to extend,

and then retract the table top as required. This makes it possible to turn a small dining table

quickly and easily into a much larger one, for special occasions when you might have more


At Crafty Creations we have a great range of carefully crafted, extendable dining tables to

choose from. Available in a selection of our beloved styles, including The Spinningfields, The

Beswick, and The Bowdon, find your favourite style and design from our range and upgrade

your dining experience today.

The Benefits Of Extending Dining Tables

Space saving

One of the biggest advantages of the extending dining table is that they are a great space

saving design. For those people who have a smaller apartment or home where space is at a

premium, this can be a game changer. For the majority of the time the table can be used in its

more compact form, which means that it will be taking up as little space as possible.


When guests are coming over and more space is required, the dining table can be extended in

order to accommodate these additional diners. This larger dining table is really easy to set up

and offers the advantage that it is highly adaptable and can be put away again with the

minimum of fuss.

Different shapes

Extendable dining tables come in a range of different sizes as well as shapes to offer maximum

versatility. From round tables that extend to ovals, square tables that extend to become

rectangular and oval or rectangular tables that just become bigger, there is an extendable table

to suit every space.


Extending dining tables can be easily extended and various designs will offer different forms of

mechanisms. However, despite the variety in design they are always incredibly easy to operate.

At Crafty Creations, our extendable dining tables have been designed with functionality in mind,

ensuring our dining tables provide extendable functionality for a wide range of customers and

needs. All our customers are pleased with the ease and simplicity of their extendable dining

tables. What’s more, we never sacrifice style, our extendable dining tables are just as attractive

as our other designs, despite their additional features.

For more information about our handcrafted dining tables and to find one that fits your style,

take a look at our range of dining tables or get in touch with the team here in Manchester.


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