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Our first ever Crafty Creation

Crafty Creations MCR began in 2018, the same year we got married. It was a glorious summer for our wedding in Manchester city centre. Obviously, with it being Manchester, it still rained!

Any guesses to what our first product was? It was, of course, our decorative wedding frame. We saw a similar frame at a wedding fair, the main difference was the price. We shopped around and still couldn’t find anything at a reasonable price. With Ben's welding skills we decided to splash out on his first welder, enough steel and some spray paint and here was our first ever crafty creation! This still worked out cheaper than any other frame on the market and still reflects in our price today.

After this little project Ben experimented with this new toy. Jane designed a lot of new products she could picture around the home and garden, from garden furniture to plant pots and from here crafty creations grew to the full-time business it is today.

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