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Leopard Pie

We love working with local businesses and we have been lucky enough to work with Leopard Pie, a new a pizza restaurant in the village of Worsley. The name comes from the markings created on the pizza crust by the flames of the fire and a pie is also another name for a pizza! They don't serve standard pizzas, these are all 3 day fermented Neapolitan style wood fired pizzas! The thought and effort that has gone into the name and the pizzas themselves is also reflected throughout the entire restaurant. Every last touch is perfected and they always go the extra mile. We have helped create the new 50 seater dine in restaurant. Together we designed tables perfectly sized to fit the pizzas in a range of 2, 4 and 6 seaters to host a variety of date nights and pizza parties. We have also crafted a bespoke window table to maximise the space and provide extra seating, as we're sure it will get full quickly. The finish they chose was a dark textured finish on the wood which compliments the restaurants industrial architecture and a quirky green powder coating on the steel bases to give it that eye-catching wow finish! There will also be a private hire room 'the pizza cave' available for special events.

Not only do they serve the best pizzas in Manchester, on the best furniture around but have you checked out there drinks list? Their famous frozen margarita is the perfect tipple to sip on the terrace whilst waiting for your leopard pie to cook in the wood fired pizza oven. Batch made by hand using gold tequila, fresh limes, cointreau, agave syrup and the option of sweet and salted chilli rum, this will be sitting in the frozen drinks machine waiting for you. We can't wait to visit!


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