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Craftys first year (2020) Thank you

2020 has been a challenging year for most. It was 3 days before the first national lockdown, 20th March, when Ben left his full time employment to start Crafty Creations MCR as a full time business.

The demand for our products went off the scale very quickly which of course is great. Although this was very exciting for us we soon realised how unprepared we were and the size of the challenge we were now facing. We didn't have suitable premises to cope with the amount of orders which were flooding in. It also became very difficult very quickly to get the essential materials we needed. This led to a huge back log of orders. We worked all hours and continued to search for materials and suppliers whilst moving into a new bigger premises. Slowly but surely we began to get what we needed to carry on production again.

We rolled up our sleeves and worked every available minute of every day to try and get orders out on time. It soon became apparent we needed an extra pair of hands if were to stand a chance. We took on our very first employee who has been a real help ever since.

Although we were working as hard and fast as we possibly could inevitably we fell behind. We also faced major courier issues due to the pandemic and had to break the news to some customers that their orders would unfortunately be late. Obviously this was very disappointing but the kindness and understanding which was shown by most was truly humbling.

On that note we would like to say a huge thank you to everybody who ordered from us and was patient with us. You have really helped us achieve a huge goal and because of you we survived 2020 and successfully dispatched all orders in time for our much needed Christmas break.

We are now looking forward to 2021 and the next steps on our Crafty journey.

Thank you, Ben and Jane


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