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Crafty Creations MCR on The Chris Moyles Show

Listening to the Chris Moyles show on Radio X as we do every morning, we heard a competition in partnership with Sage aimed at small business owners and we thought we‘d give it a go. To enter the competition we had to tell them how we bossed the last 20 months. How we survived the testing times and some of the toughest challenges in economic history, not only survived, but thrived.

Five lucky winners would receive some amazing prizes including their name and business featured on digital billboards AND a shout-out on the Chris Moyles Breakfast Show! WOW!!

The entry was 300 hundred letters and ours went like this..

3 days before the first lockdown I took redundancy to start business from the garden shed. We have grown so much, we now have a workshop, 2 employees, a website and on top of the business we also had a baby! We are still growing and have so many plans for the future, this would be a massive help!

We pressed send and didn't think any more of it, little did we think we would be winners. Until Ben received a call on Thursday 23rd September from Chris Moyles himself live on air telling him he was one of the lucky winners!! OMG!

It was a surreal moment, everyone at Crafty was so shocked, overwhelmed, grateful and so so happy. We had an early finish and took the team out to celebrate! We are very proud of our little business and this was an amazing opportunity to share it with fellow radio X listeners. We will continue to work hard and hope we can grow further. We have lots of plans for the future. We thank you all for your continued support, for all the orders, follows, likes and support, it means so much :)


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