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Crafty 2022

We started the year in our new workshop and what an incredible year its been.

We built our in house spray booth and now do all paint work for both wood and steel ourselves. We bought another bigger van and now do most deliveries ourselves.

We launched lots of new products, including The Spinningfields and extendable dining tables,

along with our new seating range.

We featured on George Clarkes Old House New Home and our biggest achievement yet, the winners of the Manchester business award.

We also worked with some amazing local businesses including Ornella's Kitchen, ProCaffinated, Leopard Pie and Fabrimake.

Another great year for us, we couldn't do it with out all of team crafty and all our amazing customers, thank you all very much for the love and support.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, from Team Crafty x

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