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Bring The Family Together With Bespoke Dining Benches

Whether you eat together as a family in the kitchen or you have a dedicated dining room, one thing is clear. If you have a modern home then space is often at a premium, and fitting in a good sized table and seating can be something of an issue.

There has been something of an uptick in recent years when it comes to families looking for better seating solutions for their dining experience. With this in mind, dining benches are a great solution to the more traditional chairs that work well in a smaller space.

The informal relaxed option

Formal dining is something that most families save for just a few special occasions each year. Instead, most of the time they prefer to bring the family together in a more informal setting where everyone can relax, eat good food and enjoy the company. Family-style dining with dishes on the table for people to help themselves has replaced the plated up and served meals that we might be used to.

Benches are a great way of making your dining setting a more informal and comfortable one. The advantage of benches in this situation is that you can seat a few more individuals at the table than you might on chairs. They are also a great option if the family gathering includes children. For some reason, children love sitting on benches and due to their size, this means you can often squeeze more of them into the space that you have than would be possible if you were using chairs.

Space saving solution

Of course, with family work patterns it can often be difficult to find time to sit down together for a meal even as a small family unit, and this can mean that you simply don’t need lots of seating at your dining table. The good thing about dining benches is that they can be completely tucked under a table when not in use and therefore you can if needed push your table up against a wall. If you have small rooms, then this is a very handy feature that will offer you as much floor space as possible when your table is not in use. No more bumping into your table as you try to get past, and when you want to use the table all you need to do is move it and your benches away from the wall.

Bespoke options

With modern properties often being on the smaller size and with the rise of people living in older buildings that have been converted into apartments, it can be hard to find a dining table and benches that will work for your space. This is why bespoke benches are a great option that will really ensure that you make the most of your space. They can be custom designed to make the most of the space that you have and to cleverly be stored away when not in use to give you as much space as possible.

At Crafty Creations, we create handmade, bespoke dining benches that fit beautifully into any home. With a range of styles to choose from and your choice of size, wood, and wood colour, you can complete your dining area with a dining bench that is perfectly suited to your style and the design of your dining room or space. To find out more about our products or to discuss an order, simply get in touch with our friendly team.


Bespoke dining table


I showed an image of what I would like the dining table to look like and the colour and they spent whatever time it took to perfect the colour for me! It came out better than expected and I'm genuinely so so so happy! I couldn't recommend enough! The delivery was handled so well and super friendly and I will be ordering from them again for sure!! Couldn't recommend enough, bespoke service and great communication

Scandi style extendable dining table

Olivia - 13.02.2024 - The Spinningfields Extendable Dining Table

Beautiful table! We get so many compliments whenever guests come round! Customer service was fab! Quick responses and super attentive Thanks so much! Will deffo be back for more furniture in the future :)

Oval solid wood dining table

Tobias, 10.12.2023 - The monton, oval dining table

Excellent quality and met my custom measurements with fair pricing. Delivery was on time and done by the same people who put my table together. The Jacobean Oak colour is deep and rich. I am chuffed to bits!

Solid oak dining table

tRICIA - 23.12.2023 - The Beswick round table

Beautiful table. Solid, good quality wood. Delighted with the product.

Oval scandi style dining table inwhite wash

Gemma - 11.11.2023 - The Spinningfields. Oval Dining Tables

Absolutely beautiful ! Over the moon with our table ! Would highly recommend 👌

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